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Some Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

How can I submit my manuscript or video to Red Silk Press?

At this time, Red Silk Press does not accept unsolicited manuscripts, videos, or creative products of any kind.

What is Red Silk Press's Return/Refund Policy?

There are no returns or refunds on contest entry fees. There are also no returns or refunds on products that are downloaded from Red Silk's Web site such as electronic books or video files.

Physical products such as books, CDs, or DVDs can be returned for a full refund within fourteen days of receipt. Customers must return items in original salable condition. Customers will pay shipping costs for any returns. A copy of the e-mail receipt for the returned product, which was sent to the customer at the time of purchase, must be included with that return. Also, the customer must include a note explaining why they found the product unsatisfactory. A check will be sent in the name of the original purchaser. Allow 4 to 6 weeks for processing.

Returns should be sent to:

Red Silk Press
P.O. Box 30
Maumee, Ohio, 43537

What is the delivery method for Red Silk's products, and when can I expect delivery?

Red Silk Press will attempt to provide critiques of contest entries via e-mail within three days of receipt. Contest winners will be announced on Red Silk's web site within 60 days of contest deadlines.

For downloadable products such as electronic books, customers will be able to download the product immediately upon successful processing of their credit or debit card.

Physical products such as books, CDs, or DVDs will be shipped via U.S. Postal Service or other carriers. Allow two weeks for delivery. Expedited shipping is available for a premium fee.

From time to time, Red Silk Press sponsors writing contests. THERE ARE NO CONTESTS OPEN AT THIS TIME. These questions are provided for general information purposes only.

Contest Questions

Are these contests scams?

No. Some writers believe that any contest where the rights to the winning entries are purchased is somehow dishonest. We disagree. As long as the terms of the agreement are clear from the beginning, it is the author's choice whether or not to participate. Winners will be paid for the rights to their story, and it is up to them whether or not to accept the terms of the contract Mason-Dixon offers. We also provide every entrant with the service of having their entry evaluated by highly qualified readers. Now, some other internet writing contests keep all rights to any submissions, whether or not they choose to use a manuscript or offer the writer any compensation. We believe that these kind of contests are clearly dishonest and advise authors to avoid them.

I already published my story in my local paper. Can I use it again?

Previously published work is acceptable as a contest entry provided that Mason-Dixon Publishing is informed that the work is previously published in the body of the submission and that all the rights have returned to you, the author, at the time of submission.

I was reading someone else's description of the Inauguration and parts of what they wrote were exactly like what I experienced. Can I cut and paste some of their paragraphs into my story?

No. Copying someone else's writing in whole or in part is unacceptable. This is plagiarism, even if you switch a few phrases around or substitute different words here and there. Not only is it illegal, it is immoral. Furthermore, it diminishes the unique value of your own insights and thoughts. Entries found to be plagiarized will be eliminated from consideration.

Can a group of us send a combined entry?

Yes. Group submissions are acceptable as long as credit is given to everyone who contributed to the story. Of course, if a group wins, they will still only receive a single prize. Also, having someone who was not at the event help in the writing is acceptable as long as the entry itself is the actual story of someone who was really at the inauguration.

Who will judge the contest entries?

Red Silk has put together a qualified team of readers that will do the initial ranking and provide feedback to the contest entrants. At a minimum, the readers have Master's degrees. Most have degrees in English or education or years of experience writing and publishing. The President of Red Silk Press will make the final decisions.

All other questions should be addressed to: .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address).

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